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Please don’t misunderstand us. We feel that at its core from it's creation the Itasha community was always meant to be all inclusive of all types of artistic expression.   


However In America, the classification of "American Itasha" now exists. The classification of "American Itasha" was created by K. Dixon, owner of Carmic.Con in late 2019 to reflect the  trends he witnessed in Itasha culture in America.

"American Itasha" is not limited to just anime and other Japanese characters, art, and vehicles*. "American Itasha" builds on the shoulders of the Traditional Japanese Itasha definition as we understand it, but it is all inclusive of diverse content from anime series, cartoons, pop culture, manga series, comic books, movies, video games or any types of works of art.

Both Traditional Itasha and American Itasha enthusiasts exists in America at this point in time. We define Traditional Itasha enthusiasts based on our own experience as typically hardliners. In America this group of Itasha enthusiast will typically only accept Japanese cars decorated with images of fictional characters from Japanese anime, manga, or such sources. Anything else is not Itasha and the peer pressure from a few cyber bullies in that section of the Itasha community is relentless when you don’t conform to their definition of Itasha.

Look it's all itasha to us, but for some reason in the states it's just little more complicated, when it really does not need to be.

We are "American Itasha" enthusiasts and we are all accepting of all cultural artistic expressions the way we believe the true spirt of Itasha was meant to be. This is what we have labeled ourselves in this American themed car melting pot of a car scene because it fits our community of both anime and pop culture perfectly.


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