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Interview by: Maggie Flecknoe, CW39 Houston. ‘Houston Happens’

Updated: Jul 16, 2021 / 10:59 AM CDT


In this news clip Carmic.Con Owner, Koriey Dixon is interviewed live on HOUSTON CW Network (KIAH) Good Morning show by host Maggie Flecknoe where he takes the opportunity to discusses American Itasha Automobiles and the wonderful and rich community that is growing around it. Houston Happens host Maggie Flecknoe took here morning show on the road to Comicpalooza, Htowns’s big pop-culture/comic culture convention, at the George R. Brown Convention Center!


ABOUT HOUSTON HAPPENS CW39 host Maggie Flecknoe brings you “Houston Happens” every weekday morning at 9:30am on CW39 Houston. ‘Houston Happens’ is local news program that gives their viewer, what they need to know about Houston, including what to look forward to. Plus, anything from money saving tips to beauty, the best products for your now, food, refreshing drinks, and motivational guests.

Interview by: Chelsea Edwards, FOX 26 Houston

Updated: Jul 16, 2021 

Something new pulled up to Comicpalooza 2021 for the first time ever, Comicpalooza feature a fleet of anime and pop-culture American itasha themed cars, along with a very special Joker wrap reveal.

In this news clip Carmic.con interviews with Fox News and features their radical My Hero Academia Tesla Model 3 & Star Wars Dodge Challenger American itasha cars.  This interview made worldwide waves for the American Itasha Movement.


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